Discovering the giant benches

Discovering the giant benches

One of the most beautiful and evocative attractions of Lake Iseo.

Explore new viewpoints to experience the territory with new emotions. Set out and find out where to find the giant benches on the lake.

The giant benches? Where?

If you are familiar with the area, just two words: Lake Iseo. For those who do not know the place, imagine a lake, cool and sunny climate, and a beautiful island, Monte Isola, in the center. Imagine wonderful beaches lapped by the breeze, cycling trails and hiking trails.

To add color to this picturesque picture we add the typical local flavors; cheese, cold cuts, oil, fish products and the wine of our Franciacorta.

Recently a new point of view has been added to enjoy the lake and the surrounding mountains through a new path. The lake, in fact, was one of the first locations to have a giant bench with the project Big Bench Community Project.

Giant benches on Lake Iseo: how to get there

The initiative has worked hard to find the best vantage points. The idea is to support tourism and local excellence as well as help people to regain contact with nature.

So let’s start, and go find these colorful installations and magical glimpses.

We are near Sulzano when we finally find the two benches with a breathtaking view of Sebino and Monte Isola. We present to you the green bench of Pilzone and the orange bench of Sale Marasino.

The giant bench of Pilzone is located in S. Fermo along the Ancient Valerian Road, while the giant bench of Sale Marasino is in the hamlet of Maspiano.

Treat yourself to a dream experience, away from stress and with amazing views. Discover the benches as a new reference point for a regenerating break.

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